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At TDF we believe technology should empower you without slowing you down. That’s why we are committed to providing your business with transparent solutions and proactive management that simply works. We’re a passionate team that offers a full range of technology solutions, from complete system design and implementation to collaborative support and advice. Our focus is always on working with you to improve your efficiency and productivity.


We work with you to understand your business objectives and to pinpoint where technology can assist in achieving them. We also identify where immediate and future IT issues may arise.


We design and recommend solutions that not only provide an immediate response to the identified issue, but are also flexible and sustainable to be able to grow with your business.


We oversee the entire process from acquisition to installation and testing of the specific solutions with little to no disruption to your business.


We provide complete service of our solutions, including ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your business critical systems continue to operate at their full potential.

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Our Difference

After more than 20 years of providing Australian companies with IT solutions, we understand that each business faces specific challenges and opportunities. That’s why we prefer to create relationships with our clients that extend beyond the computer. When you partner with TDF we take the time to understand your business objectives so that we can build your digital confidence by providing proactive solutions that are tailored to your needs.

We’re constantly improving our processes to deliver 100% customer satisfaction






Our Core


We believe that every business needs a solid foundation on which they can build and grow, and your technology is no different. In order to achieve this we ensure you have the right equipment, optimally configured to suit your needs.


We work with every client to match best practice security principles with their own needs. TDF proactively manage security risks from both internal and external sources to make sure information and information systems are protected from unauthorised access, unintended modification, loss or release.


We proactively monitor client systems and networks to ensure the best possible up time and trouble free operation. Remote and on-site reactive support services are leveraged to deal with any issue that may arise with the focus on a timely resolution.


We know that industry specific software solutions require impact assessment planning to assure successful rollouts and integration with already established infrastructure. In doing this we maximise user productivity, empowering you to work to your full potential and meet your client’s needs.


We offer businesses with existing IT support our enterprise-level experience and knowledge. Working collaboratively, your IT manager can maximise the value of their time by out-sourcing any overflow. We also mentor less technical people in a liaison role, in the event your IT contact becomes unavailable, your business can continue.


qualities that put your mind at ease
  • Professional

    Transparent Advice

  • Responsive

    Always available when you need us

  • Experience

    Partnering with businesses since 1995

  • Assurance

    Security focused processes


Our Plans

Contact us if you would like a plan tailored to your specific needs

Pay As You Go

Suitable for business with minimal IT requirements

  • Efficient Responsive Support
  • Onsite and After Hours Rates Apply
  • Managed Services Available
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Small team

Suitable for small-sized business with up to 50 employees

$149/Per Employee Per Month
  • Premium Email Service
  • Premium Security Service
  • Unlimited Support
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Large Team

Suitable for meduim-sized business with up to 250 employees

$ask/Per Employee Per Month
  • Premium Email Service
  • Premium Security Service
  • Unlimited Support
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Our Blog

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