The End of Ransomware

The End of Ransomware – Intercept X

Ransomware – The Threat Ransomware is a malicious program used by cyber criminals to encrypt data, then demand a ransom in the form of untraceable digital currency, in return they promise to restore your encrypted files. There are many variants of the attack with ransom ranging anywhere from a few […]

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Telstra Phishing Scam – 2018-05-08

Security Alert.   Phishing is threat that targets you via email. Intended to draw your interests to something that may be relevant to you, for example if you pay the bills then a phisihing email detailing account or payment request will entice you to click malicious links.   We have […]

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Windows 10s – Yes, No, Maybe?

This month, Microsoft unveiled its latest foray in to the desktop marketplace. Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. Is it Windows RT reborn? Well kinda, it’s Windows 10s. Windows 10s is the newest version of the Windows 10 family of products, aligned to lower end / […]

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VoIP or not to VoIP – That is the question?

Long has everyone considered that they should move to VoIP, but do they know why? Before we answer that, let’s talk about what VoIP actually is. Sure it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, but as normal that means less to most people than the acronym VoIP. Put simply, you […]

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Mandatory Data Breach Notification – Is Your Business Prepared?

Data Breach Overview The threat of data breach has never been greater and while many organisations grapple with the issue of trying to secure their data, others do not have enough incentive. This┬ápast decade has seen some very high profile data breaches. 100’s of millions of individual Personally Identifiable Information […]

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