The End of Ransomware – Intercept X

The End of Ransomware
Anti-MalwareEndpointMalwareRansomwareSecurity May 12, 2017

Ransomware – The Threat

Ransomware is a malicious program used by cyber criminals to encrypt data, then demand a ransom in the form of untraceable digital currency, in return they promise to restore your encrypted files. There are many variants of the attack with ransom ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand; one crime syndicate even offered free technical support to help people process the payments.

The latest variant of ransomware known as WanaCrypt0r (WannaCry) caused chaos as it spread across the globe. 1 2

At its peak the WannaCry attack had infected over 200,000 computers across 150 countries, in just 48 hours, a truly unprecedented event. 3

This Ransomware variant exhibited properties that are rare for ransomware, taking advantage of a recently discovered vulnerability in the Windows operating system, WannaCry was able to quickly spread across interconnected networks with devastating consequences.

Cyber Security – Best Practice

Best practice dictates that security is applied in layers, it would be irresponsible to claim that any one product can meet all of your security requirements.

There are approximately 35 recommended strategies for mitigation of cyber security threats, these strategies are generally recommended in order of priority, at the top of this list is the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) top 4, suggested to mitigate at least 85% of cyber security threats.4

These strategies take time to implement and many organisations don’t have the resources or the budgets to maintain them.

Cyber Security – Quick and Effective

Several years ago IT Security vendor Sophos started making waves in the security space for the SMB/SME market, when it acquired Cyberoam Technologies, a global leader in network security products, taking all the best parts from their existing Unified Threat Management (UTM) products they created a range of next generation firewalls – The XG Firewall.

We decided to partner with Sophos at the launch of their XG Firewall and we haven’t looked back, the entire suite of Sophos security products offer exceptional value, and they work! 5

Fast forward to today and partnered with Sophos we are able to offer a range of products that help organisations implement many of the recommended strategies for mitigation of cyber security threats in a low cost security as a service (SecaaS) model.

One of the most impressive tools in the Sophos suite of security products is called Intercept X. We invest a lot of time putting products through their paces, many don’t live up to their claims, Intercept X is one that does, but don’t just take our word for it, see it in action against the WannaCry ransomware below. 6

The Digital Foundry – Security Services

IT security requires consultation, we must first understand your business to identify areas of concern, with this information we can recommend the best approach for your organisation. We are able to provide a full range of services from advice through to fully managed security services (MSSP)

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