Telstra Phishing Scam – 2018-05-08

Security May 8, 2018

Security Alert.


Phishing is threat that targets you via email. Intended to draw your interests to something that may be relevant to you, for example if you pay the bills then a phisihing email detailing account or payment request will entice you to click malicious links.


We have been alerted to a new Telstra Phishing scam.

We have taken necessary action for customers that use our services, to prevent further delivery of this threat via our email security gateway and firewalls.

Please read the information below for full details.


Please contact us if you believe you may have opened one of these email links.

TDF – 1300 799 014

More Information


You may have already received an email similar to the one pictured here.
As always we advise you to verify the legitimacy of any email that requires
you to open an attachment or click on a link.

If you aren’t expecting the email contact the sender on the phone and ask them if they sent it to you.

Please delete the email if you have received it, contact us immediately if you have clicked on any link.




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